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Privacy Policy

The Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico(Department) uses this Internet page to provide orientation regarding different tax aspects and support in the preparation of the income tax return. We also display publications, forms, attachments and links related to the Department.

The Department's Internet page only provides public information that can be freely disclosed, printed or photocopied by users. If you decide to use the information provided in our web page, we will appreciate that you include or declare that it originated from the Department.

You shall consider that the contents of our web page (documents, laws, regulations, news, reports or any other type of information) may have been modified with the purpose of facilitating its presentation in this medium (the Internet). In case of discrepancy between the original document and the page contents, the original document filed in the Department shall prevail.

Other web pages on the Internet are hereby authorized to include links (hyperlinks or links) to the Department's web page, but exclusively to our home page ( However, it is hereby prohibited to display Department Internet pages in a frame that leads the user to believe that the information in the Department's web page is part of the external web page that displays it.

None of the products or services referenced though a link (hyperlink) and which are foreign to the Department are hereby endorsed or recommended.

The Department takes the necessary measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the information and resources under its control. It also takes the necessary measures to prevent the dissemination of malicious, damaging or virus codes through its web pages and files.

Right to Privacy

The Department shall not compile the user's personal information. However, the Department reserves the right to compile any information whenever there is a suspicion that some illegal conduct is taking place regarding the use of the information on the Department's web page on the Internet. In order to maintain the availability of the services we offer, the Department shall supervise the use of the interconnecting network, specifically on situations where there is an attempt to modify the contents of the pages or to damage the property used for these purposes.

Additionally, the Department may compile information regarding the "visits" to our web pages with statistical purposes pertaining to:

  • the Internet domain and IP number of its connection or access;
  • the type of browser and the operating system used to view the pages;
  • the date and time of the visit;
  • the Department pages that were visited; and
  • the external page that originated the visit.

The information contained in an electronic message or mail received by the Department may be disclosed when the information is:

  • required by any state or federal agency, by the Puerto Rico Legislature or the United States Congress, or by any state or federal court that thus requires it pursuant to their legal authority; or
  • considered public domain in accordance with Act No. 5 of December 8, 1955, as amended.

When the information is related to confidential information or a claim, it shall be considered and kept confidential.

Our web page also offers the opportunity to ask questions, request additional information and post comments. Use of this option is voluntary and may require that you enter your e-mail address. We will only use the information provided through e-mail for the purposes for which you contact us. The information that you provide through this medium will not be encrypted, so it could be intercepted during transmission by persons foreign to the Department.

When our web pages include links to external pages, to other government, commercial, or private entities and the user or "visitor" selects one of them, he or she shall be subject to the norms and conditions of the external page.


Any non-authorized access, the attempt or direct or indirect action to modify, erase, alter, penetrate, substitute or eliminate the files, configuration, pages, graphics or contents of the Department information systems is hereby prohibited. The Department shall implement the security and surveillance mechanisms needed to identify any person who commits such practices.

Additionally, all the corresponding measures shall be taken to achieve the arrest and conviction of the person who attempts or executes any act that affects the security or integrity of these services.

The use of the Department web pages and information services shall be subject to the provisions of the applicable state and federal laws.

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